SBIRT has been used in a variety of settings for several years including on college and university campuses. If you look below, you will see some of the testimonials from those who have implemented ScreenU into their campus.


ScreenU has given our department the ability to easily gather population-specific data for tailored prevention programs. We have used ScreenU primarily with our Greek communities in an effort to enhance our small groups social norming campaigns, where feedback is provided on alcohol use, attitudes, and behaviors to individual Greek chapters. We know providing accurate, group-specific information will likely reduce drinking. Because of ScreenU, our participating Greek students are able to examine their personal use of alcohol and hopefully engage in harm reduction and candid discussions regarding alcohol use.”

Megan E. Dzurec, MPH, CHES
Coordinator, Health Promotion & Wellness
John Carroll University


“UC San Diego has always focused efforts on identified evidence-based and/or best practices that have shown promise in reducing high risk drinking on college campuses. Last year when we heard about ScreenU at the National Meeting we knew we had to be a part of this exciting new way of delivering SBIRT, or Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment. Health promotion professionals are constantly challenged to find methods that can impact our student populations in a big way and also assist our providers to be empowered to make a difference in their time-limited appointments with students. ScreenU, an electronic SBIRT, can bridge that gap between empowerment and impact! We have used ScreenU in our waiting room areas and have asked our students voluntarily to participate. We have encouraged students to share their results with their providers. We have used the aggregate data to discuss planning and implementation of prevention strategies in our clinical Substance Use Disorders Committee. We are looking forward to continuing to use and learn more about how ScreenU can help us to reduce alcohol related negative consequences, increase protective behavioral strategies and correct misperceptions!”

Lupe Samaniego-Kraus, MPH
Program Director, Alcohol and other Drug Prevention
UC San Diego