ScreenU Reporting

ScreenU is capable of reporting data for screenings in a number of ways. Our software provides comprehensive reporting features, allowing campus administrators to do the following:

Aggregate Data

  • View aggregate data by the question and the overall risk level that students screen at both an individual campaign level and cumulatively.
  • View a break down of the screening responses for each question by gender, class rank, age, and readiness for change.

Compare Data 

  • Compare the results of two campaigns to analyze data over time.
  • View initial and follow-up screening results side by side to measure change.

Track Completion

  • Send unique collector links through the ScreenU system to an identified group of students to track completion.

Download Reporting

  • Create and download your report as a graphical PDF file.
  • Utilize the downloadable CSV file to create your own customized graphics.

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ScreenU Marijuana