ScreenU allows campus administrators to connect students with the campus and community resources best suited to meet their needs quickly and efficiently. Learn more about ScreenU’s features below.

ScreenU on Tablet


  • Web-based and compatible for all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Meets students where they are
  • Allows for a quick response and connection to customizable campus resources
Dashboard Screenshot

Campus Dashboard

  • Provides campuses with an overview of screening data, as well as in-depth reporting features
  • Allows campuses to edit the resources a student would receive to reflect what is available on campus and within the community
Create Campaign Screenshot

ScreenU Campaigns

  • Campuses can create an unlimited number of campaigns that can run simultaneously
  • Provides ability to track completion of ScreenU while maintaining the anonymity of a student’s responses
  • Allows campuses to create follow-up campaigns to send to previous campaign participants to identify behavior change over time