ScreenU: For a Healthier Campus Life


Welcome to ScreenU, a web-based method that administers screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) to college students. ScreenU  identifies students who are misusing alcohol, cannabis, or prescription drugs and provides feedback and strategies to reduce their risk for experiencing negative consequences from their use. Learn more about how ScreenU works, the research that supports SBIRT, and how you can use ScreenU on your campus.

Introduction to ScreenU


bottle of alcohol

ScreenU Alcohol

The underage and excessive use of alcohol creates a widespread public health and safety problem for college students and the surrounding community. ScreenU Alcohol consists of questions used to identify problematic alcohol use and dependence and provides behavior change recommendations and resources for prevention, treatment and recovery.


prescription drugs and container

ScreenU Rx

Prevention of prescription drug misuse on college campuses can be a challenge without the right resources and support. ScreenU Rx uses a unique screening tool to identify students engaging in the misuse of prescription drugs and provides them with recommendations and resources that
supports students in using medications


marijuana leaf

ScreenU Cannabis

The use and misuse of cannabis among students is a challenge for many college campuses. ScreenU Cannabis serves to identify students who are at risk of experiencing negative consequences from their cannabis use and provides them
with education, resources and early intervention to reduce the likelihood of
experiencing negative outcomes.


Program Features for College Campuses:

Administer and Analyze Results

Dashboard Feature to Track Program Completion

 ADminister Follow Up
Screenings  and View Metrics