How Does It Work?


How Does it Work?

ScreenU is an anonymous, web-based program that utilizes a brief screening process designed to identify students along the continuum of use from misuse to dependency. Students who indicate no misuse of alcohol, marijuana, or prescription drugs receive positive reinforcement of their choices. If the online screening indicates problematic use, the tool will provide students with feedback specific to their behavior and risk level. Students answer open ended questions based on motivational interviewing principles and designed to encourage students to consider the impact their choices have on their life and how important, confident, and ready their are to change their behavior. Based on their responses, students receive recommendations to reduce their risk and campus and community resources that can support behavior change.

Campus administrators have the ability to customize the program with their school logo and local resources, as well as create custom welcome and thank you messages for each campaign.  ScreenU’s dashboard provides a campus with comprehensive reporting tools to view data from screening results and tracking program completion. Additionally, once the initial screenings have been completed and analyzed, campus administrators have the option to send follow-up screenings to compare behavioral changes around alcohol over time among the same student populations.

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