ScreenU in Action


background-contactHistorically, the use of SBIRT has been focused in medical settings, providing opportunities to intervene early with those who may be at-risk for experiencing negatives consequences because of their alcohol or drug use.  Health care facilities provide a captive audience of people who are often there because they are experiencing a health issue-which may or may not be related to substance misuse. College settings are unique in that there are a number of opportunities to identify students who may be experiencing negative outcomes related to their alcohol or drug misuse and connect them with the resources they need to be successful.  ScreenU makes implementing SBIRT in a variety of settings simple, as it can be delivered as a stand-alone tool and requires no special training on the part of staff members.


Campuses have used ScreenU in a variety of settings, including the following

  • Campus mental health and counseling centers
  • Student health services
  • Through academic advisors, for students who are struggling academically
  • As a precursor to sanctions through student conduct
  • Through student legal services
  • For student violations in residence halls
  • As a risk management tool for Greek life
  • With Athletics
  • As a requirement for incoming cohorts

ScreenU allows campuses to upload pre-populated lists of students to make screening large groups and tracking their completion easy. By creating individual campaigns for each target audience, campus administrators can track trends among implementation settings or groups of students.  Learn more about the reporting features of ScreenU.